Full Cycle Development at Netflix • Full Stack Tech Radar Day 2019

Full Cycle Development at Netflix

Greg Burrell We are excited to announce our first keynote speaker Greg Burrell from Netflix! "The year was 2012 and operating a critical service at Netflix was laborious. Deployment frequency was measured in weeks. Operating a service involved staring at graphs and a lot of late-night heroics. Troubleshooting issues often devolved to bouncing the problem among teams. Today, in 2019, Netflix has grown to over 139M members enjoying our service all over the world. Deployments happen daily. The reliability of our service continues to improve and middle-of-the-night pages are rare. Our mission-critical services are owned and operated by small teams of developers with no dedicated test teams and no dedicated operations teams. How did we make this transition?" Join us to learn about Netflix's journey from siloed teams to Full Cycle Developer model for building and operating services.